Terms & conditions


Prices include fuel, road tolls within Italy and ZTL entry, but do not include road tolls abroad, expenses for ferries, tunnels, parking lots or entrance fees.

Prices include a wait of 45 (forty five) minutes in airports, ports and stations. The cost of further waiting will be calculated with increments of 30 (thirty) minutes, charged at the hourly rate.

Prices include a wait of 15 (fifteen) minutes in places other than airports and railway stations. The cost of further waiting will be calculated with increments of fifteen (15) minutes. This amount will be added to the cost of the transfer and payment will be due by the end of the service directly to the driver.

Wait times specified may be extended upon request by sending an SMS to +39 3332 209 742.

For requests for hire by the hour, a minimum of 3 hours hire is required.

For direct transfers (non-stop), the rate is calculated by the kilometer.

All online prices are inclusive of IVA (Tax rate as required by Italian law).

Quotes & Bookings

Reservations transfers must be submitted using the form before 24 hours of the service.

  • The customer will receive a confirmation email from our staff within 3 hours of a booking request.
  • All quotation requirements other than transfers, should be emailed to info@italimousine.com or by phone to our Reservations Department.
  • Our Reservations Department may be contacted internationally on +39 333 220 9742.
  • An extension of hire and / or requests for additional services, not previously booked, must be agreed with our administration department.

Accepted Payment Methods

Customers must provide credit card details upon confirmation in order to guarantee the booking.  Payment may then be made either using the same card or in cash directly to the driver.

Credit Card Payments

Payment may be made on-line by credit card using PayPal.

You must provide the details of your credit card upon receipt of booking confirmation email.

Payment must be made within 24 hours of the start of the service.

Cash Payments

Customers who wish to make payment in cash directly to the driver, must still provide credit card details upon receipt of the booking confirmation email as guarantee of payment.


Transfer prices are not subject to additional night or holiday supplements.


An invoice is issued only on request, to be made upon booking / payment. You may request this when booking using our online form by mentioning you require an invoice in the message field or by sending an e-mail containing your full name, company name, billing address and VAT number to admin@italimousine.com.

Chauffeur Service Pickup

The driver will meet guests with a sign indicating the name of the customer or company:

  • Airports: at the arrivals exit after customs.
  • Railway Stations: at a place agreed upon with our bookings department or, if booking online, specified in the booking request.
  • Ferry Ports: at the quayside.
  • In the towns / cities: at a place agreed upon with our bookings department or, if booking online, specified in the booking request.

ITALIMOUSINE collaborates with other hire companies with the same high standards of quality and efficiency, and may use these to perform services for which it deems appropriate.

Client Conduct During Hire Services

Our customers are obliged to respect the following:

  1. Comply with the scheduled service start time provided when booking in order to guarantee timely arrival at your destination.
  2. Smoking inside the vehicle is prohibited.
  3. Throwing objects from the vehicle either whilst stationary or in motion is prohibited.
  4. Defacing or otherwise damaging the vehicle is prohibited.
  5. You cannot expect the transport of pets without having adopted, in agreement with the driver, all necessary measures to avoid the damage or soiling of the vehicle.
  6. Violation of the rules of safety and conduct contained in the Highway Code is prohibited.

Trasportation of Luggage & Other Personal Items

Each passenger may travel with it up to two suitcases. Excessively sized baggage, such as sports equipment, must be declared at time of booking / payment (specify in the message field of our booking form).

It is at the discretion of our drivers, to carry bulky / excessively sized items not previously agreed upon or items which could cause a hazard during transport. (Broken / wet / dirty, etc.).

Cancellation of Hire or Complementary Services & Penalties

You may cancel your reservation by sending an e -mail to admin@italimousine.com, or by calling: +39 333 220 9742.

The cancellation of chauffeur hire or complementary services will be accepted without penalty if requested within 24 hours prior to the service commencing.

Cancellations requested within 12 hours of the start of the service will be charged a penalty equal to 50% of the service which may be debited from the credit card supplied when booking.

Cancellations requested less than 12 hours before the commencement of the service will be charged at the original service price which may be debited from the credit card supplied when booking.

If your flight is canceled or delayed more than 30 minutes you should inform us by calling our SOS number +39 333 220 9742 or by SMS to +39 3332 209 742 in order that we may be able to ensure the presence of one of our drivers on arrival.

If the customer does not arrive for collection at the appointed time or within an hour of your flight landing without prior agreement, the driver will leave and full payment will be due.

Any request for changes to reservations already confirmed (eg. Schedule change, change of vehicle, route or duration) must be submitted to the booking department within the relevant time limits, by phone on +39 333 220 9742 or by e-mail to admin@italimousine.com, at which point we will assess the feasibility of the modification request without penalty.


ITALIMOUSINE will endeavor in every reasonable way to ensure their vehicles and / or vehicles driven by our partners, arrive at appointments on time. We cannot not be responsible for delays due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances beyond our control (e.g. weather, socio-political, etc).

The carriage of passengers in our vehicles is covered by an insurance policy with limits provided by law.

Luggage transported is entirely the responsibility of the passenger who declares the property at the time of boarding.

ITALIMOUSINE will not be held liable for any damage, loss and / or theft of luggage.

ITALIMOUSINE advise you to check the number and the condition of your baggage. Liability for loss or damage will not be covered, all items carried are the responsibility of the customer.

N.B. The conditions of carriage, and all services associated with them, respect the laws that regulate the sale of services in Italy. This guarantees the protection of the passenger and his baggage.


Any problems arising from poor service and / or failures directly attributable to our services must be reported as soon as possible and in writing by sending an email to admin@italimousine.com.

Any complaints and / or refund requests must be sent in writing within one month from the date of service. We will take action to mitigate any inconvenience and / or loss in customer satisfaction.


To send a booking request the customer must give their consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.