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Rome private tours – the Eternal City & beyond

To truly experience the beauty of this country, Italimousine offers in-depth itineraries on our Rome private tours with some of the best authorised Italian tour guides and interpreters available on request. Florence, Rome, Pompeii and Tivoli, are just some of the classic routes most requested by our customers.

The culture of a country is also it’s tradition however. For this reason, we propose original and exclusive tours to discover the local traditions, flavours and aromas of our land. Experience the riches of the gastronomy of our regions through wine tasting, cheese and many other Italian specialties.

Please contact us for more information, we will be happy to answer your request quickly and satisfy your Rome private tours requirements.

Rome private tours - Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome Tour Colosseum, Circus Maximus, etc.

Rome and its many centuries of history are visible through monuments like the famous Colosseum, the great Circus Maximus, the forums and many other historical sites.

Our tour of Ancient Rome will take you around the center of Rome to discover the historical and artistic beauty of the eternal city.

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Rome private tours - Christian Rome

Christian Rome Tour basilicas, churches & catacombs

Rome has always been considered the centre of Christian culture. On our tour you will discover the sights, monuments and buildings that have shaped the history of Christianity throughout the ages.

The trip will visit the main basilicas as well as secluded corners of the city, where you'll find important historical evidence of the Church.

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Rome private tours - Tuscany & the Etruscans

Tuscany & the Etruscans Tour Cerveteri, Tarquinia & Tuscania

The Etruscans settled in northern Lazio long before Rome became a great economic and military power, enduring from 700 BC until its assimilation into the Roman Republic in the late 4th century BC.

On our tour you will discover the largest Etruscan necropolis and see and experience incredible Etruscan works of art.

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Rome private tours - Pompeii

Pompeii Tour Pompeii, Naples & Amalfi

The terrible eruption of Mount Vesuvius that buried Pompeii on August 24, 79 AD has given everyone a chance to appreciate and explore the city as it appeared just before the catastrophe.

Our tour of Pompeii will take you to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius where you can walk around the ruins of this ancient Roman city.

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Rome private tours - Tivoli

Tivoli Tour Villa Deste & Villa Adriana

Located in the Tiburtini mountains a few kilometers from Rome is Tivoli, with its beautiful architectural riches.

Villa Adriana, witness to the extraordinary wealth of the Roman Empire and Roman Villa D'Este with its numerous water features and fountains, are just some of the treasures that you can see and visit with our tour of Tivoli.

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Rome private tours - Lakes & Castles

Lakes & Castles Tour Bracciano, Vico, Albano & Bolsena

A unique journey, full of surprises and charm on a tour that will take you to discover the beautiful castles and lakes around Lazio.

From the Middle Ages to the period of the Renaissance you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of another time and begin to relive the fantastic grandeur and splendor of Italy's past ages.

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Rome private tours - Food & wine tasting

Food & wine tasting Tour of wines, cheeses & local delicacies

A wonderful journey through the food and wine of the Lazio region, learning about the small villages of the province and the many farms scattered throughout the territory.

A tour to suit the tastes and needs of the most discerning palates. Discover the typical traditional dishes and wines of Lazio and taste the many DOC products of these lands.

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